Baby Drawings

baby drawing custom drawing baby present new baby commission pencil sketch

A custom baby drawing for that special gift.

Portraits are drawn in pencils, watercolours or painted in oils. Claire uses either Strathmore Bristol paper or Fabriano watercolour paper, depending on the preferred medium.
Claire will work from photographs, so high-quality photos will be required to work from. Lead time for a commissioned piece of art or jewellery varies by project, but you should allow a minimum of 3 weeks for the design and creative process. If required, professional framing takes an additional 2 weeks. Express turnaround time is available under some circumstances, but cannot be guaranteed.
Commissions will be priced individually, depending on the requirements of the project. All the details of the commission including price and turnaround time will be outlined before the work is undertaken, and must be agreed with the client in writing. Commissions must also be paid for in full before the project commences. Gift Vouchers can be used towards a commissioned piece of art or jewellery.
If you have any questions or would like to discuss different options for a unique commissioned piece of art, please contact us via email.
Keep an eye on our Instagram page to see the latest commissioned pieces we are working on.