"I let the inspiration define what medium the work will take - sometimes a music lyric
is nicer in a piece of jewellery than a painting. Inspiration defines what the end piece
will be - and I go with that flow."


A few words from Claire

Even as a child I understood and appreciated the joy that a considered gift or
experience could bring. I was that person who took the time to find just the perfect
gift. Something that would resonate with the receiver on a level that was unique to them.

This has carried on into my life and my work. I love to instil a sense of emotion or
meaning into all of my work - that will mean different things to different people.

I get a profound sense of satisfaction when I hear a customer tell me the meaning that they
find, that is special to them, in my work.
This is the bond that ties my work together - whether it is abstract art, portraits,
bespoke jewellery or art classes, the outcome is the same - creative connection.

Celebrate Milestones

Claire has illustrated a collection of prints celebrating a new House or a new little one. Each piece in the collection is designed to bring joy and beauty into any space.


Inspired by songs and Lyrics

Explore the intricate artistry behind Claire's music-inspired jewellery.


Hear from our customers

News and exhibitions......

The Circling-Kaarrella Collection

Claire collaborated with Finnish maker Johanna Riepula to make a collection that gracefully intertwines Irish and Finnish Mythology

Read about it here

Behind the scenes